Nancy Koltes

Nancy Koltes was founded in 1984 as a pioneer to introducing fine Italian linens into the American market. Nancy Koltes creates timeless ensembles with the use of color and texture on the finest Italian fabrics. Nancy Koltes uses a basic palette so you any always build on your collection from season to season. The combination of Italian fabrics and signature prints will make for a classic and elegant bedroom!

Nancy-Koltes-VANITY-Collection Vanity White Bedding By Nancy Koltes
$85.00$373.00 $68.00$298.40
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Nancy-Koltes-VANITY-Collection Vanity Bedding By Nancy Koltes
$88.00$400.00 $70.40$320.00
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Nancy-Koltes-FOGLIA-bed-close-up Nancy Koltes Foglia Collection
$83.00$953.00 $66.40$762.40
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Nancy-Koltes-ELEANORS-RIBBON-collection Nancy Koltes Eleanor’s Ribbon
$123.00$525.00 $98.40$420.00
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Nancy-Koltes-BRERA-collection Nancy Koltes Brera Collection
$65.00$525.00 $52.00$420.00
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