Abyss Habidecor Super Pile in Ivory
Abyss Habidecor Super Pile Stack in LinenAbyss Habidecor Super Pile Towel stackAbyss Habidecor Towel StackAbyss Habidecor Super Pile stack and colorsAbyss Habidecor White and Ecru Super Pileabyss-liberty-318abyss-vibrant-611abyss-pepper-773abyss-nude-610

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Super Pile Towels By Abyss Habidecor



This is Abyss Habidecor’s best selling towel.  Incorporating 100% Egyptian cotton in a super hefty 700 gram weight, finished with curved corners and their signature tape edge. This towel has been tested as being superior in absorption, durability, and colorfastness when tested against other luxury brands by a U.S. Testing Institute.  Available in multiple colors and sizes. At Bedside Manor, we stand behind this quality collection.




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Additional Information

Product Information

Mitt: 7″x9″
Washcloth:  12″x12″
Guest Towel:  12″x20″
Hand Towel:  17″x30″
Hand Euro, Small:  21″x39″
Hand Euro, Large:  23″x43″
Bath Towel:  28″x54″
Bath Euro: 39″x59″
Bath Sheet: 40″x72″

100% Egyptian Cotton, Giza 70

2 week lead time



Additional Information


Aqua 210, Atmosphere 940, Banane 830, Blue Night 308, Cadettte Blue 332, Camel 885, Confetti 535, Corail 590, Dark Brown 772, Ecru 101, Forest 205, Gold 840, Gris 920, Happy Pink 570, Hawaii 380, Hibiscus 502, Ivory 103, Lagoon 302, Linen 770, Lupin 430, Mandarin 605, Metal 993, Pepper 773, Peppermint 290, Platinum 992, Popcorn 803, Powder Blue 330, Purple 490, Rouge 553, Spicy 603, Taupe 711, Turquoise 370, White 100, Apple Green 165, Atlantic 309, Black 990, Bluestone 306, Cayenne 556, Citronelle 211, Cloud 950, Crocus 585, Dalhia 402, Denim 307, Funghi 771, Ice 235, Liberty 318, Lilas 420, Lime 231, Marina 304, Nude 610, Orange 635, Orchid 440, Peacock 301, Perle 930, Pink Lady 501, Safran 850, Salmon 680, Tandori 670, Tobacco 778, Vibrant 611


Washcloth, Mitt, Bath Sheet, Bath Towel, Guest Towel, Hand Towel, Hand Euro Towel Small, Hand Euro Towel Large, Euro Sheet Towel


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