Coffee With Bedside: January 31, 2020

Wow, did January feel long or what? It has been so gloomy in Chicago the past week, so we are all looking ahead to a new month with hopefully a little more sunshine.

The “Coffee With Bedside” blog series to a little hiatus to focus on holiday & gift guides, but is back this week. We are excited to answer a couple of common questions about mattresses and customization. As always, please remember to email us if you have something specific you would like us to discuss.

Do you monogram?

Yes, we definitely monogram!  Our team loves to work with clients to add a little personal touch to their home with a custom monogram on bed and bath linens. Below is an image of some custom Cairo towels by Matouk that we did for a client.

Does our custom work stop there? In addition to monogramming, we can help with custom drapery & upholstery for the home.  We can furnish and accessorize your bedroom as well! Our team loves to get the creative juices flowing! Contact us for more details.

What is the difference between the Latex and the All Cotton mattress?

We have carried Royal Pedic mattresses for many years and stand behind this company and their amazing product. The mattresses are definitely an investment, but the quality is impeccable and you won’t regret adding this brand to your home. We know mattress shopping is not as glamorous as picking out a pretty duvet cover or sheets, but it is just as important. The mattress and box spring, along with your down products, make up the the foundations of your bed. Good foundations=quality sleep.

We primarily sell the Royal Pedic All Cotton and Royal Pedic latex mattress. There are other components to consider when purchasing a mattress like the box spring, topper, etc. but will stick to just the mattress today.

PillowTop Mattress

All Cotton:

This hand tufted mattress is orthopedic firm in support, and features double heat tempered, Royal-Flex® 800i Innerspring System designed in Switzerland. The innerspring unit contains 85% more coils than the standard, providing more flexibility, and therefore, giving the body the support and relaxation it needs for a good night’s sleep.

The inner cotton padding is made with 100% Belgian cotton which ventilates body heat. This cotton padding is layered by hand on each side of the innerspring unit to ensure a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. The padding is then encased with cotton ticking which allows body heat to breath better than polyester which you will find in other mattresses. None of the product contains polyurethane, which provides you with a healthier sleep environment.

The mattress is then hand tufted with straps to give orthopedic back support; and finally, t-spring supports are installed around the outside of the mattress, giving the edge firmness.

Latex Mattress

The Royal Latex Mattress is wrapped in layers of staple cotton padding, grown in California, which are then contained in a breathable 100% Belgian cotton covering.  The mattress is hand tufted with European straps to minimize body imprint and to provide extra support. The idea for this mattress was based upon a sleep study done by a Swiss specialist looking to find the components for optimal sleep.

Not sure which one to choose? Contact us or head to one of our locations if you are in the Chicago neighborhood to test them out!

Have a great weekend!

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