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Welcome to Designing the Details – a new blog series from Bedside Manor in collaboration with top, local interior designers.

The devil may be in the details, but for these designers it is the designing of details that has set them apart to create signature, envy worthy rooms.

In our Designing the Details series, we ask top local designers to share their insider advice on creating bedroom and bathroom spaces that are inspiring down to the finishing touch.  First up, we are honored to spotlight the very talented Alexandra Kaehler of Alexandra Kaehler Design. Fundamental to her work is the philosophy that “A home is meant to be loved and lived in” – and we could not agree more!

Read below for some helpful tips, inspiring design advice, and envy worthy rooms.

How did you get started in the interior design space?

 “I started a blog back in 2009. I was working in marketing and needed a creative outlet, so I started a design blog. In 2010 I left that job and went back to school, and the rest is history!

And we are so thankful for her pivot today – Alex creates gorgeous spaces that are both beautiful yet functional.

Define Your Style:

A mix master! “It’s hard to define my style because we tailor it so specifically to each of our clients. We never want any two projects to look the same. With that said, you will always see a mix with me. Colorful with neutral, new with old, feminine with masculine. It’s that tension that creates interesting spaces for me.”

In looking at the firms portfolio, it was truly hard to select favorite images – although each project is uniquely different, they are all certainly remarkable.

Your best design advice for clients who are curious to kickstart a project?

Interested in starting a project within your own home? Alex emphasizes that it is important to “Really refine what you are looking for in terms of the aesthetics of your home, but also how you want to live in it. That second piece isn’t something a lot of people think about before they hire me, but we push them to…  That way we can design a space that is really suited for you.”

Designed with you in mind. A recipe for success when looking to have your space designed with character and interest (and you!).

Your favorite detail to design?

“I can’t quite explain it but I love to design a pillow scheme, its like candy to a room! The trims, the colors, the patterns.”

Like these pillows pictured below – an expected combination, but after seeing it, a combo that you could not imagine living without! Add immediate interest to your space with the addition of decorative pillows.

Where to save? Where to Splurge?

“Save on rugs. I love natural fiber rugs and they are so budget friendly. Save on side tables…Splurge on special, meaningful antiques. Splurge on your sheets!! You sleep in that bed every single night!”

Work with Alex and the Bedside design team to help find bedding that fits your lifestyle. We have endless options at various price points!

Any new design trends that you are currently loving?

A trend that Alex and her team have recently mastered? “A return to the traditional, but with a fresh take. I love what we call “brown furniture” (wood antique pieces) paired with contemporary, abstract art. I love color and have been so excited to see so many people really going for it!”

We love everything about this room:

Your project is complete! What is your final finishing touch?

For Alexandra, it is always about the final touch – but with an emphasis on the personal. “Accessories. I love adding that final layer that really makes it a home. Books, picture frames, flowers, objects from your travels. That piece can sometimes be the most important!”

Interested in working with Alexandra and her team on your next project? Reach out here!

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