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Welcome to Designing the Details – a new blog series from Bedside Manor Ltd in collaboration with top, local interior designers.

The devil may be in the details, but for these designers it is the designing of details that has set them apart to create signature, envy worthy rooms.

In our Designing the Details series, we ask top local designers to share their insider advice on creating bedroom and bathroom spaces that are inspiring down to the finishing touch. Next up, we are honored to spotlight the award winning and exceptionally talented, Michael Abrams, of Michael Abrams Interiors. Guided by the belief that the home is central to our sense of place and purpose, Michael Abrams Interiors seeks to uplift and delight by creating interiors that nurture life’s moments — both big and small — and inspire feelings of comfort, refinement and distinction.

Read below for some helpful tips, inspiring design advice, and envy worthy rooms.

How Did You Get Started in the Interior Design Space?

“My passion has always been residential interiors. After obtaining an architectural degree I spent the beginning of my career doing commercial interiors which I found lacked the personal connection I believe interior design is all about. I transitioned into becoming a residential designer over 25 years ago.”

With a mastery of architect as a core foundation combined with his gift of artistic instincts, Michael has fine-tuned an art-and-science approach that results in breathtaking residences that enables each client to create a space that truly feels like home.

Define Your Style:

“I have always responded to architecture with which I am working. That said, I would define my style as very tailored and streamlined with a tend toward masculine finishes and colors. I want my interiors to be the perfect environment for my clients and their art collections to take center stage.”

Let’s just say it was a hard task to narrow down a small collection of Michael and team’s incredible work – the spaces he creates for each of his clients are all uniquely different, but the result of each project is excellence.

Your Best Design Advice for Clients Who Are Curious to Kickstart a Project?

The first step to success for Michael and his firm is “having a clear understanding of the project scope and preliminary budget before diving in. Knowing what you want and how much you want to spend is critical because it establishes the parameters for the team.”

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Inspired by both color and texture when creating a room, Michael “draws from colors in nature as they are the most soothing.”

“Your home should always be your ‘happy place’ and provide you comfort and tranquility.” And we could not agree more!

Your Favorite Detail to Design?

“It is the details that set you apart.”

For Michael, details he loves to add to his design process include “… a pillow or drapery embellishment or adding a spectacular wall covering, lacquering a ceiling, or selecting bespoke hardware. All the details matter; make them count!

Where to Save? Where to Splurge?

“This is a tough one, gosh. Splurge on everything you can, especially good lighting, good artwork, and good bedding (you will not regret this splurge; you are in bed for 8 hours a day).”

“When beginning your project start big and include everything that is important for you in your home. When necessary; and it is always necessary, start re-evaluating and removing the elements that do not give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Value engineering is part of the overall design process.”

Your Project is Complete! What Is Your Final Finishing Touch?

“It is the last 10% that makes all the difference.”

“Layering in luxury bedding, unique accessories and personal collections bring a home to life. Do not forget plants. A living element such as plant really completes a space.”


“I design every space around the most important element in the room — the people.”

Help bring your home to life with Michael Abrams Interiors. A wonderful firm with incredible talent who are an absolute joy to work with.

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