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Welcome to Designing the Details – a blog series from Bedside Manor Ltd. in collaboration with top, local interior designers.

The devil may be in the details, but for these designers it is the designing of details that has set them apart to create signature, envy worthy rooms.

In our Designing the Details series, we ask top local designers to share their insider advice on creating bedroom and bathroom spaces that are inspiring down to the finishing touch.  This month, we are honored to spotlight the very talented Suzanne Danilek of Suzanne’s Designs. Essential to her work is the philosophy that, “A well-designed space should be an inspiration to live a better life.” And we could not agree more!

Read below for some helpful tips, inspiring design advice, and envy worthy rooms.

How Did You Get Started in the Interior Design Space?

“I always start a project listening to my client’s goals and dreams.  I studied art history and organizational psychology, and these influences combine to define my approach in any project.”

With each project, Suzanne builds her inspiration and foundation with the idea that “a well-designed space should be an inspiration to live a better life.” With Suzanne’s help, you can create your best life in the space you spend the most time.

Define Your Style:

Suzanne is a fabulous mix-master. She “…admires so many different styles in design, from Contemporary to Traditional… and always strives to combine the best quality design, exceptional pieces, both in beauty and functionality.”

She finds success in “crossing categories”.  An example of this is “pairing a client’s modern art collection with antique furniture. I want each environment I help to create be unique and unexpected.  It is also very important to me that elements enhance each other.”

Your Best Design Advice for Clients Who Are Curious to Kickstart a Project?

Suzanne recommends starting “…with a collaboration on a Houzz Ideabook. This is a great way to share ideas visually.”


By kickstarting the process with a focus on collaboration, Suzanne “can often identify a client’s goals very quickly in the similarities between ideas they share.  Then we work together to help refine the design.”  This direct focus has enabled client dreams to come to life, time and time again.

Your Favorite Detail to Design?

Beautiful down to the last detail. Suzanne loves to design “Wall coverings, textiles, and multiple sources of lighting!”

Where to Save? Where to Splurge?

For Suzanne, she recommends her clients “Splurge on amazing textiles for pillows, bedding.” The category she thinks can be a big saver for her clients? Although very individual, her go-to saving solution is rugs.

Any New Trends You Are Currently Loving?

Timeless and versatile – a few words that really define Suzanne’s style. Although she is “…not one to embrace new design trends unless they are functional improvements, for example quartz counter tops or more water efficient plumbing materials”, Suzanne always ensures that her designs are “fresh and exciting but timeless.”

With that philosophy top of mind, it is no wonder her clients are always delighted when the project is complete.

Your Project is Complete! What Is Your Final Finishing Touch?

The importance of personality! Suzanne believes that “…accessories are important but should come from a client’s personal collection, from objects collected during travels, or from their work.”

Case in point? “I recently redesigned a client’s office.  The objects he acquired from an accomplished career were hidden throughout his bookcases. I brought them out, framed them, and showcased them on his shelves.  His office now honors his career and is a much more inspirational and functional place to work.”

From start to finish, Suzanne creates beautiful, well-designed spaces that are focused on her clients – ultimately creating the best possible atmosphere for her clients to live a successful life. Come work with Suzanne and Bedside Manor to create your dream space, today!

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