Down 101: Your Go-To Guide On All Things Down

August is officially here, and with that means the kickoff of our highly anticipated annual down sale! We know that selecting the best down comforters and pillows can be a hard decision to make, so we are here to help you find the right product for your best night’s sleep!

And the even better news – this month you have the opportunity to save 20% off ALL down products and essentials as well as 30% off ALL clearance down*. There has never been a better time to invest in quality basics for your home.

*The 30% Clearance Sale is ON NOW and WHILE SUPPLIES LAST – so hurry in today and shop online to grab this incredible offer. The Annual Down Sale kicks off on August 15th and includes all down products and essentials. Happy shopping!

What Down Options Are Available at Bedside?

Essential Collection – our everyday luxury down that is handcrafted in America and comprised of hypoallergenic white duck down. A great option for children and guest rooms! The Essential Collection is available in an all-season medium weight pillow and an all-season medium weight comforter.

Serenity Collection – the Serenity Collection is our premium luxury down offering that is available in a variety of weights and sizes – so that you can find the most perfect fit for you. Comprised of hypoallergenic White Goose Down, this collection is down at its finest. Available in Soft, Medium and Firm for the Pillows and Light and Medium for the Comforters, there is a perfect option just for you. Read below to discover which weight is best for your sleeping style!

Serenity Collection

Luxury Collection – for the ultimate luxury down collection look no further than our Luxury All Season Collection. This collection will help you achieve a great night’s sleep. Made from hypoallergenic Polish White Goose Down, which are the highest quality down feathers available. The 750 fill power combined with the German Cambric Cotton baffle boxed construction allows this luxurious comforter to breath in the summer and trap heat when needed in the winter, making this the ultimate luxurious ALL-SEASON comforter.

Ville d’Este Collection – our most extraordinary down offering. Simply put, the Ville d’Este collection is the absolute pinnacle of luxury down. One touch and you will understand the difference. Available in medium and firm weights for the pillows as well as light and medium weights for the comforters, you will have the best night’s sleep surrounded by this exceptional product.

NK Villa d'Este Bed-1

Sferra Arcadia Down Alternative – The Arcadia Down Collection by Sferra is a staple at Bedside Manor Ltd. This item crosses the thermal insulating properties of down with the easy care of hypoallergenic micro-fil. A true delight and perfect for a great night’s sleep.

How Do You Choose the Right Pillow?

At Bedside, we are proud to offer three different pillow weights: light, medium and firm density. Below is a break-down on pillow recommendations depending on how you sleep at night. The medium weight is our most-popular!

Soft Density: recommended for stomach sleepers

Medium Density: recommended for back sleepers

Firm Density: recommended for side sleepers

No matter which pillow you end up purchasing, be sure to use a pillow protector to keep the life of the pillow longer. The pillow protectors are machine washable for easy care!

Local to Chicago? Visit the store and feel the down for yourself

Do I Need to Change My Comforter During the Summer and Winter?

This is a personal preference and really depends on how you tend to sleep. Some people like having a lighter down comforter during the warmer months, especially if they live in a warmer climate or if you get really hot at night. Others keep their medium weight all year since they use air conditioning or rotate different layers on the bed, ie. blankets, coverlets, etc.

Light weight: perfect for those who keep the thermostat above 75 degrees.

Medium weight: perfect for sleepers who keep the thermostat between 68-75 degrees

An alternative to switching out your comforter is investing in an all-season comforter. Our luxury down comforter combines 750 fill power with German Cambric Cotton baffle boxed construction. This luxury item breathes well in the summer and traps heat when needed in the winter, making this the ultimate luxurious ALL-SEASON comforter.

How Often Should I Replace My Down? 

Is your down feeling a little down? If your pillow has lost its ability to fluff up, it is probably time to replace. Not sure when you purchased your down, or if you should replace? If in doubt, then try the simple pillow test! Lay your pillow down and fold the pillow in half trying to squeeze out all the air. Release the pillow and if the pillow remains folded, then that is a sign the down is worn out and the pillows should be replaced.

The lifeline of your comforter is typically much longer than your pillow due to the difference in function. Because you sleep beneath the comforter, rather than on top of it, this bedding piece is one you’ll count on for many years. However, your comforter should be replaced once the loft has been lost and it begins to look a little limp. A good test is after you’ve fluffed your comforter, does the fill remain lofty, or does it seem to sink right away?

Shop to replenish online and in store for our down pillows and down comforters. And the August Down Sale kicks off mid-month – the perfect time to refresh your home staples.


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