Get Guest Room Ready!

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to spruce up your space and get your guest room ready for hosting! And at Bedside, we want to equip with you easy solutions to get your home holiday ready so that you can continue tackling that ever-growing to-do list.

The team at Bedside firmly believes that every room refresh should be fun and satisfying – including the sometimes ignored, and occasionally dreaded guest bedroom. So, see below for our top approaches to get your guest room suitable for even your most exacting guest. And disclaimer – do not blame us when your company wants to suddenly extend their stay. The more the merrier, they always say!

Let us help you to make this year’s holiday your best, yet.

Step One: Begin With a Good Base

Has the current bed in your guest room been a hand-me-down for maybe a few too many turns? Update the entire space with a bed refresh. A bed can completely transform a room from antiquated to polished and chic. And the best news? We offer the best available headboard and beds sourced locally from Chicago with an average lead time of about 3-4 weeks. Check, check, DONE!

See below for a few of our favorite styles:

Milan Bed by Eastern Accents

Gannon Bed by Eastern Accents 

Step Two: Layer On Blissful Bedding Basics

With a solid bed or headboard in place, the next best place to refresh is the actual bedding. This is where you can really flex your hostess skills and look to provide the most sumptuous and cozy setting for your company.

Aim to provide fluffy, refreshing down products for both the pillows and comforter. This will provide a terrific base so that when your guests lay down for the evening they will feel as if they are sleeping in the clouds. We recommend either our Essential Collection or the Arcadia Collection for the down within guest rooms. Unsure if your guests may be allergic or sensitive to down products? The Arcadia provides a wonderful down alternative that is hypoallergenic and truly mimics the feel and look of our luxury down collections.

Arcadia by Sferra 

Serenity ComforterEssential Collection by Bedside Manor Ltd

Step Three: Keep It Simple & Timeless 

Next up? Timeless sheeting and blankets that will never go out of style. And since this is a room that is not used every single night, we are sure to be cognizant of style, function, and price when providing our recommendations.

For bedding, the Classic Hemstitch Bedding Set by Pine Cone Hill is a win-win for all. Classic, timeless, and cost conscious. And for your company, nothing is more inviting than a nice crisp set of white sheets. Added bonus? These wash super well too! Another favorite? The Grande Hotel by Sferra. This timeless sheet set will transport your guest into thinking they are at their favorite five-star hotel. In the morning, they might be searching for the room service menu!

Another absolute favorite in-stock item? Our Private Label Percale Hemstitch collection. Our best selling, customer favorite sheet set. A no-brainer for any room in your home!

Classic Hemstitch Sheet Set by Pine Cone Hill

Grande Hotel Bedding Collection by Sferra 

BedsideManor-Hemstitch_opt (2)Private Label Hemstitch Collection by Bedside Manor Ltd

Next, add a medium weight blanket or coverlet so that your company has the option of cuddling up if they are more of a cool sleeper or tossing aside should they sleep super warm. Providing this layer gives a wonderful option for both temperaments. Some of our favorites include:

Pacific Coverlet by Matouk

Newport Blanket by Peacock Alley

Step Four: Add Functional Flourishes 

With your basics and bedding covered, now is the perfect time to add a few embellishments to the room that are both functional and chic. Add a throw to your ensemble to create a complete top of bed look while also providing a layer of warmth should your guest need to chase away any winter chills. The below throws are ones we recommend year over year:

Pezzo Throw by Matouk

TERZO THROWS_STACK_S2019Terzo Throw by Sferra

We also love recommending one (or more!) decorative pillows to add chic style to your space. Whether it be a small square, lumbar, or larger decorative pillow – this addition will add instant character to your room and can be used for nighttime reading and lounging as well. See below for a few of our favorites that are quick to ship:

Decorative Pillows by Laura Park

Cheeky Peacock Dec Pillow by John RobshawDecorative Pillows by John Robshaw

Step Five: Don’t Skip the Bath!

Important! Be sure to not stop at the bedroom when prepping your home for guests. Having a nice set of fresh towels available is just as important as fresh bedding. We carry in-stock many popular options including the Super Pile Towel by Habidecor, the Milagro by Matouk, and the Etoile by Yves Delorme. So come in-store today to provide inviting, fluffy towels for your guests’ stay. They will be thanking you over and over again.

Super Pile Towel by Abyss Habidecor 

Milagro Towel by Matouk

Yves Delorme Etoile Towel-BlancEtoile Towel by Yves Delorme

Another really nice touch? Include a robe for your company to snuggle up in. This might just be the one detail that really elevates their stay – and may also elongate that stay as well!

Kiran Robe by Matouk

Step Six: Final Finishing Touches 

Finally, add a few finishing touches to create a calming ambiance for your company. Add a fragrant candle and bouquet of fresh flowers to officially be considered the hostess with the mostess. And good news? Our stores just stocked up on some amazing new candles that we are so excited to have available in shop! See below:

Savanna ThucassiSavanna Candle by Thucassi

Caldaruim Candle by ThucassiCaladrium Candle by Thucassi

We hope this guide helps you get inspired to refresh your space for your soon-to-be expected guests! The Bedside team is equipped and ready to help you make this year your best holiday season to date! Come visit us in store or online at Cheers!

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