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Every year, the Bedside team heads to Atlanta to see and shop all the new introductions from our vendors. Attending the Atlanta market is always such an inspiring trip. We get a first-hand look at the new collections as we begin our master planning for the apex Fall season. And beyond shopping the new, it is also a great time to connect with all our incredible vendors.

This year, we took it one step further to bring even more of the market madness home to you. We are excited to introduce our “Market Minutes” blog series that features exclusive insight from our key brands. We dig into and unpack all the hard work and inspiration that goes on for many months in advance of the grand debut at market.

Read below and discover a firsthand look at the behind-the-scenes world of brand design, production, and innovation at SDH with the Sales Manager, Leanne Sandler. We hope you enjoy!

Do seasonal trends inspire the new collections? If yes, what trends did SDH capitalize on this year?

Seasonal trends do not inspire the new collections at SDH. Instead, the brand focuses on creating timeless designs that are a beautiful addition to the home for all seasons, styles and trends.

The “S” behind SDH, Sigrid, is the lead designer and is a creative genius in our minds. She is always ahead of the trend. Leanne, who has worked at SDH for 8 years, has said that Sigrid typically creates a color story within her new collections – and 6 out of the past 8 years, that color focus has been the Pantone color of the year! Sigrid crafting with that color would have happened way before the color of the year was even gaining momentum. Talk about having a pulse on the industry. SDH textiles are just as influential as they are timeless.

Any focus on specific colors or categories this year? Why?

According to Leanne, customers are ready for color! She feels consumers are moving away from cooler tones and are leaning more into earth tones. In looking at their new collections, we are quite excited for their color adds! Check out a few ~sneak peek~ snaps below.


When does SDH begin planning for the upcoming season? How does the company minimize risks when planning so far in advance?

For SDH, their production is not determined by a set schedule. Instead their collections are driven by creativity. So sometimes their sketch to production can be as short as 6 months! The company does not feel there is a tremendous amount of risk, as they do not invest heavily upfront at first. They wait until the consumer determines the demand, and then the company reacts with their supply. A savvy solution!

The new collection is beautiful. What introduction are you personally most excited for?

Leanne – as well as the entire Bedside team – is obsessed with the new Leitner introduction. It is classic Leitner. A celebration of stunning jacquard on the most luxurious linen fabric. The color is instantly soothing and plays well with so many best sellers from SDH. Leanne’s favorite part about Leitner? She calls them “lifetime linens”. A generational heirloom that can be passed down for many, many years.

What makes SDH’s designs stand out?

Leanne explains that, “The SDH designs are their own exclusive designs and are unique to SDH – its our DNA”. They are exquisite linens that just cannot be replicated. All the fabric is yarn dyed which creates an incredible depth to the quality and design. Nothing is printed. Every single fabric is woven, and the color is created by the dye of the yarn. Simply put, SDH linens are exceptional.



What do you see for the future of the textile industry in today’s tech savvy and direct to consumer marketplace?

Leanne knows that online will always exist. But there will always be a retail space for textiles. For Leanne, “Textiles need to be felt. The hand of the textiles needs to be felt more than seen – especially when consumers are sleeping on these fabrics”.

How do you think the luxury linen industry has changed after the pandemic?

Leanne notes that the one big change to the industry has been “…investment in homes. A huge boom.” With so much time spent at home, consumers are celebrating their sacred space that has come to mean so much more than just a home. Our homes are the center of our worlds – our nucleus. And people are spending more on quality items within their homes, as they are spending so much more time in them. It is so important to enjoy and love the space that is the heart of the hub.

SDH prides itself on creativity and innovation. How is SDH continuing to improve its processes and quality products this year? Any exciting changes or updates?

SDH has an amazing team based in Italy who craft the stunning textiles.  Most recently, the company has introduced all new state-of-the-art looms to help with efficiency. Which means that those gorgeous new linens are heading your way even sooner!

SDH_Eton Coverlet

What can retail businesses like Bedside do to help the growth of SDH?

Brand recognition! SDH may not be a household name, but it is a name every household would be fortunate to have in it. The quality and craft of the entire SDH collection is exceptional. We are so happy to stand behind this amazing brand and allow our customers to enjoy this livable luxury. The only regret you may have about bringing SDH home is that you did not do it sooner. These textiles stand the test of time – both in style and function.

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