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Every year, the Bedside team heads to Atlanta to see and shop all the new introductions from our vendors. Forget the holidays – July in Atlanta is really the most wonderful time of the year!

The Atlanta market is always such an inspiring trip. We get a first-hand look at the new collections as we begin our master planning for the apex Fall season. And beyond shopping the new, it is also a great time to connect with all our incredible vendors.

This year, we took it one step further to bring even more of the market madness home to you. We are excited to debut our “Market Minutes” blog series that features exclusive insight from our key brands. We dig into and unpack all the hard work and inspiration that goes on for many months in advance of the grand debut at market.

Read below and discover a firsthand look at the behind-the-scenes world of brand design, production, and innovation at Yves Delorme Paris with Oliver Newman, the Executive Vice President. We hope you enjoy!

Where was the inspiration behind this season’s introductions?

For this season, Yves Delorme’s incredible new collections “took inspiration from palaces of the East”. Including the architecture and gardens. Within the bedding, you will see nods to this thematic come alive. Yves Delorme has once again created a beautiful seasonal introduction that is inspired by beauty from the real world.

Any focus on specific colors or categories this year? Why?

Yves Delorme is a global brand – with designers advocating and representing from across the world. So there is an inherent challenge to satisfy all cultures when designing all the new introductions. But it is a challenge that Yves Delorme is passionate about to their core! The designers spend months in product development meetings to find a balance to create a universally loved collection. This season did not disappoint with a focus on bringing warmer earth tones into the home.

When does Yves Delorme begin planning for the upcoming season? How does the company minimize risks when planning so far in advance?

The Yves Delorme global design team typically plans out their new collections about a year in advance. As a renowned fashion forward brand, Yves confidently relies on their incredible design team to determine future trends and styles. Risk and reward!

The new collection is beautiful. What introduction are you personally most excited for? And what should we be adding to our ~personal~ shopping cart?

For Oliver, Grimani is his favorite! Check out a sneak peak below:

What makes Yves Delorme’s designs stand out?

“The attention to detail, experience, and styling of the linens” says Oliver. The level of detail found within the Yves Delorme linens is striking. “Down to the trim. Every trim within the bedding collections are all uniquely designed and sourced for each collection”. And the uniqueness is seen with each collection having a contrasting pattern on the reverse side of the duvets and shams – which coordinate with the fitted sheets. Sleeping in Yves is a true experience. A celebration of gorgeous French style, culture and quality.

What do you see for the future of the textile industry in today’s tech savvy and direct to consumer marketplace?

For Oliver, the Yves Delorme executive team has seen e-commerce grow dramatically – which is to no surprise. However, over the past 2-3 years the e-commerce business has leveled out post covid while the retail stores have reignited their pre pandemic fortitude. “In our world, consumers still want to feel and touch the product” says Oliver. So it only makes sense that Yves continues to focus on retail.

Yves Delorme prides itself on creativity and innovation. How is Yves Delorme continuing to improve its processes and products this year? Any exciting changes or updates?

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work happening for Yves Delorme. They have recently invested in more automation – such as automatic fabric cutters – and more looms to increase efficiency. Which enables their beautiful bedding and bath linens to arrive even sooner into your homes.


What can retail businesses like Bedside do to help the growth of Yves Delorme?

A quick response for Oliver, “Retailers can help support Yves with the merchandising of the beautiful Yves Delorme product”. At Bedside, we are so honored to be a big part of Yves Delorme and we are excited each day to celebrate this exquisite line with display beds and merchandise that honor the Yves traditions and style.

We are so excited for the new collections to land in our shops soon! This is a season you do not want to miss!

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