Mother’s Day Gift Guide | 2024

It’s almost May… which means it’s almost Mother’s Day. A perfect time to start thinking about what you are going to give the important female figures in your life. From moms to grandmothers, caregivers, and everything in between a small gift or gesture showing your appreciation truly can mean the world.

And to make things easier for you, here at  Bedside we have rounded up our curated Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the best and most unique gift ideas for every type of mom in your life. A gift they will be sure to love for many years to come. 

Read below, get inspired, and come shop small this Mother’s Day at Bedside. We cannot wait to see you soon! 

For the energizer bunny mom who never seems to stop…

…give her the gift of a luxurious spa moment without the trip to the spa. Indulge her with our best selling, ultra plush towels and robes. With juggling a million and one things, this mom will be sure to appreciate a few moments of relief and luxury wrapping themselves in our favorite towels – even if the moment is truly fleeting. 


For the mom who has everything…

…give her something she didn’t realize she wanted. From fun, budget friendly framed prints to one of a kind decorative pillows that fit into all types of interior decor, we have something really unique in store for the unique mother in your life. 

Cheeky Peacock Dec Pillow by John Robshaw


For the mom who is juggling babies and doesn’t remember the last time she slept…

…give her the gift of sleep! Gifting a luxe down pillow, or a set of our ~incredible~ private label sheets will be a gift she not only enjoys, but needs! She will be thanking you for many years to come. 

BedsideManor-Hemstitch_opt (1)

Serenity Comforter Arbor Bedding


For the fitness forward mom…

…we have many luxurious gift items that will provide her with a moment of respite and healing after tackling those tough workouts… oh, and caring for an entire family, too! Explore a beside water carafe as well as a multitude of throws for the active mom’s in your life. 

Costa Throw by Sferra Mercurio Throw by Sferra


For the mom who deserves a “wow”- worthy moment… every night.

Give her the gift of Legna sheets. She will be sleeping like a movie star (the list of celebrities who only sleep on Legna is quite extensive) and will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on all her tasks. 



For the mom who is obsessed with skincare…

…give her an extra boost with our silk pillow cases and eye masks that are proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Charmeuse Case_White by Branche Belle De Nuit_Lavender by Branche

For the jetsetting mom who is always on the go…

…give her a travel friendly gift that she will love each and every trip. From the cutest cosmetic cases to cashmere travel sets, we have the perfect gift for her next adventure. 


Wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing moms!

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