Savanna Candle by Thucassi


Savanna Candle by Thucassi takes you to hillside dunes and vibrant grassy plains, endless blue skies stretching over flatwide vistas. Crisp colorful linens drape over tables under sub-Saharan yellow lanterns glowing, bowing to the wind’s rippled wishes. Stirring scents of clementine leaf, petitgrain, orris root, wild ginger, meadow musk, and amber; majestic horizons bursting with intense red, and orange colors marking day’s end, cascading into velvety-soft dusk.

8 oz: 3.5″D x 4″H
Burn Time: 40 Hours

38.8 oz: 5″D x 6″H
Burn Time: 90 Hours

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

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