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Our Chicago manager, Karen, is next up in our Staff Picks feature! Karen has been with Bedside Manor Ltd for almost 20 years, and we are beyond appreciative of her hard work and dedication.

Karen’s style is sophisticated, chic, and urban – which is a perfect mix for her Chicago customer base. With an easy-going spirit and a commitment to incredible customer service, it is no surprise that many have said she is one of the best in the business.

Read below to discover her top picks!


Leitner Linens

The crown jewel of home textiles, Leitner has been weaving exquisite and sophisticated linen fabrics for over 160 years. And to Karen, there is really nothing like it. She loves how the collection mixes an old world feel while still being at the forefront of modern fashion. There are countless colors, weaves, and patterns available within the line – but one of Karen’s absolute favorites? The Metro in Anthracite.

Gigi Pillow by V Rugs & Home

In a world full of decorative pillow options, it is hard to choose a favorite! But the V Rugs & Home collection stands to be the top choice for Karen. She loves that the pillows are hand crafted utilizing a mix of incredible materials of the highest quality – like the Gigi collection featured below. And with each pillow being so unique, you can find a one-of-a-kind design that fits your taste perfectly.

Celso De Lemos

For Karen, the Celso de Lemos collection is the ultimate luxury linen line. She can tell the quality just by looking at the hand of the weave – and once you feel the cotton for yourself you may just be an immediate convert. Karen specifically loves the myriad of color options that are available, which she loves to leverage to make a gorgeous, bold statement. I mean, just look at the incredible bed she put together in the Chicago store? We are still gushing over this one.

Adri Fur Throws & Pillows

Curious what the ultimate decadent luxury is? For Karen, it is the Adri Fur & Pillow collection. These pieces are stunning – both to the eye and to the touch. Available in throws and pillows, Karen loves that Adri is of the highest quality while also maintaining an ethical and responsible production method.

Designer’s Guild x Christian LaCoix

Combining Designers Guild’s bold and beautiful style with the House of Lacroix’s extravagance and spirit is an absolute win-win in Karen’s book. This collection allows Karen to express her incredible design style while fulfilling a unique vision for her customers’ homes. For Karen, the partnership is the ultimate design coming from a fabulous designer.

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