The Healthy Mattress | Why We Love Royal-Pedic

In a market that is saturated with options, it may be crazy to think we sell only one mattress brand. But that statement in a nutshell is a testament to how firmly we stand behind the quality of Royal-Pedic mattresses.

Termed the healthy mattress – Royal-Pedic is the ultimate choice in handcrafted, luxury mattresses. Made to order and hand made from the finest hypoallergenic, natural materials, the Royal-Pedic mattress brings exquisite comfort, durability and rest to many Hollywood celebrities, entertainers, athletes, royalty and generations of families like yourself. Great sleep comes naturally when sleeping on a Royal-Pedic. 

Curious what makes these mattresses so special? Read below to see why we love Royal Pedic!

1. Sourced From All Natural Materials – The Healthy Mattress

The mattresses are made of all natural materials that breathe. Royal-Pedic only uses the finest natural materials from around the world, from pristine long staple cotton, to natural latex sourced from sustainable plantations to the exquisite comfort of all natural lamb’s wool. 

Using the finest natural materials, they are 28% cooler than memory or polyurethane foam mattresses. The premium materials used for Royal-Pedic are natural, hypoallergenic and breathable in order to help ventilate body heat so that you can sleep more comfortably. 

2. Best for Your Back

Royal-Pedic has been handcrafting the Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress for over 70 years. It provides excellent orthopedic support, and is the mattress chosen by 6 former U.S. Presidents, including JFK who had back issues. For a plush, yet still supportive feel add one of the 3″, 4″, or 5″ Pillowtop Pads to lay on the surface of the mattress, and you will have a synergy combining luxurious surface comfort with great back support. The result is a level of firmness right in the middle – not too hard and not too soft for most people.

While this is the most popular mattress in general, it is especially liked by people who have bad backs because the mattress provides buoyant support and gives the relief they need.

3. Longevity – Mattresses Crafted to Last 

Royal-Pedic customers can attest to the incredible longevity of these mattresses – from years to decades, these hand sewn mattresses are made to last! Also, the mattresses are two-sided so they can be flipped to last even longer. We sleep for a third our lives. Enjoy that time with a mattress handcrafted from the world’s finest materials. Give yourself the healthy sleep you need by sleeping on a Royal-Pedic mattress!

4. Hand-Sewn and Custom Made to Order

Each mattress is hand made to order in Southern California and is built, shipped and installed in 2-3 weeks. There is no warehouse shelf life. These mattresses are hand sewn from the world’s top quality, natural resources. 

5. Constructed for Comfort 

The Royal Pedic has seven firmness zones throughout the mattress which are ergonomically designed for correct support and uncompromising comfort. Softer shoulder/upper back and pelvic areas offer pressure point relief and spinal alignment. Firmer lumbar area supports spine to relieve tension and lower back pain. Sleep healthy to feel healthy!

6. Find Your Perfect Fit

Add a plush pillowtop pad to take the softness to the next level. The Royal-Pedic and Royal Cloud Pillowtop Pads are made with a  breathable all cotton covering, all natural French wool to help regulate body temperature and resist dust mites, Comfort Fill for added cushioning, and Talalay latex which conforms and supports to the body’s natural curves for a supple, yet supportive feel. Available in three different sizes (3″,4″, and 5″) – there is a perfect plushness for you!

Sleep healthy, live healthy. When customers invest in a Royal Pedic mattress they understand they are making an investment to their future health. Sleep is such an integral part of our lives. At Bedside, we want to provide you and your family with the best options available to set yourself up for a successful night’s sleep – so that you can enjoy a healthy, well loved and well lived life. Come visit our shops today and test out the different Royal-Pedic mattress options for you!

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