The Most Welcomed New Year

Take a deep inhale and a long exhale – we have officially survived 2020.

While it was most definitely a year full of challenges and change, we believe it was also a year of growth and newfound successes. In speaking to both our teammates and customers at Bedside Manor Ltd, it was in fact truly inspiring to hear the bright stories of an otherwise difficult year. We have shared a few below and would love to hear your personal highlights in the comments section!

  • Moments were magnified by micro celebrations – weddings, engagements, and birthdays were made even more special with the celebrations being stripped of any excess and laying bare the true joy of the moment. Meg’s mini outdoor birthday party in October (pictured below) became one of her favorites to date.

  • A Winnetka Mom was blessed with the unexpected gift of having her whole family back together for an entire year. With much of the world working remote, her 24-year-old son moved back to Winnetka from Washington DC. He completed their quaren-TEAM.
  • Incredible hidden talent was discovered in the kitchen. Our colleague, Brenda, began baking for the first time in March and has developed a true skill in creating beautiful elaborate challah bread. Follow her creations here!

  • So many miles walked with friends and family – with all cell phones and other distractions away. A perfect time to disconnect, yet reconnect at the same time.
  • Kathleen’s fiancé leveraged the delayed start of his job by writing a personal finance book!
  • Reconnecting with college friends. A Zoom call with college best friends one Sunday in April turned into a reoccurring weekly coffee date. They have not been this connected since the glory days about 30 years ago.

The list can certainly continue, but one main takeaway is that 2020 was all about perspective. We faced the unthinkable in many ways, but we were able to still draw some positives and learn so many important lessons.

And as our homes quickly became our children’s school rooms, our corporate offices, gyms, restaurants, and everything else in between, we have been so honored to help craft beautiful spaces that allow you a moment to exhale.

2021 – we are so happy you are here! Cheers to a year full of happiness and health.


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