What’s Hot, What’s Not? Trends According to Timothy Corrigan

While in Atlanta, the Bedside Team was invited to an exclusive cocktail party hosted by Dea with a very special guest of honor. World renowned interior designer, Timothy Corrgian, attended the event following his keynote address at the Atlanta Market. 

“One of the World’s Top Talents in Architecture and Interior Design” – Architectural Digest

In his keynote titled The Trend Pendulum: Staying Ahead of the Curve, Corrigan discussed how fads have an evolving life cycle and that trends are usually a reaction to a previous trend.

“Where are we going?” he asked. “I believe Maximalism is a direct reaction to the Minimalism we’ve had for 20 years.” Wow. Talk about a very exciting forecast. Corrigan firmly believes that the current cool, minimalistic style is going to blend into an era of patterns, colors, textures, and bold design. We are here for it. 

And digging even deeper, while at the cocktail party our team had the incredible opportunity to chat with Timothy one on one. He caught us up to speed on all things in – and all things he believes are out. The findings may really surprise you! Read below to discover. 

What’s Out…

1. High Contrast

Think light and dark color schemes combined together, as well as contradicting design elements living together in one space. Time will tell if this will fade out.

2. Karate Chop Pillows

Hi-yah bye bye according to Corrigan. Chopping your accent pillows down the middle to create top corners that stick up straight could be a thing of the past. Save your karate moves for the gym and ease your décor look with pillows that look more relaxed – a sentiment that Corrigan thinks the whole house should be moving into. 

3. Farm House

The design trend that hit us with a vengeance! It will be very interesting to see if this style really will go out of style. 

4. Sleek, Uncomfortable Furniture 

Another evolution from the minimalist revolution? Overly modern, sleek furniture that is more of a nice to see rather than nice to sit. Corrigan estimates that furniture trends will come back to a comfortable and elegant style – in order to create a more welcoming home environment. 

What’s In!

1.Smaller, Dedicated Rooms

After the pandemic, Corrigan has seen large, open concept floor plans being chopped, chipped and slivered to create smaller spaces dedicated to offices, laundry rooms, dining rooms, libraries, gyms etc. 

A specific room he is excited to see come back to life is the return to the dining room. The pandemic forced family and friends to reconnect over shared meals – and many have discovered the joy in entertaining at home around their family table. 

2. A focus on walls.

Wallpaper, mirrors, art, lighting, accessories and more. Corrigan sees a focal point on all things wall decor being a big hit for the future. How fun!

3. Emphasis on the Primary Bedroom

While the kitchen and living areas are getting spliced and diced, Corrigan believes the primary bedroom will only get bigger. With spending so much time at home, individuals need a place to escape and retreat to. Welcome to the primary suite. Ensuite sitting areas, large foot print bathrooms, and maxed out closets are all revving up in demand. 

4. Warmer Tones, Layered Comfort

A trend we can attest to after the market is a move towards warmer tones in the home. Earth tones are replacing cooler tones to create an overly home-ier and cozy aesthetic. Also? An emphasis on layers. Blankets, throws, coverlets, and more combine to create an irresistible refuge to jump into and relax the day away. 

It was such an honor to get a moment with Timothy Corrigan and hear his wisdom on all things trends. We cannot wait for what is to come – the future of the home sure sounds and looks inviting. At Bedside, we are passionate about crafting your house into a home. Come visit us today!

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