New Year, New Sheets!

Happy 2020! We hope the new decade is off to a great start for everyone. As with many other people, we like to take the beginning of January to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the New Year ahead.  We are always ready for a fresh start at Bedside Manor Ltd after the holiday rush and end of year inventory.  We look forward to seeing new product at market and seeking out new and exciting items for our customers!

One area of focus many people like to work on in January is their overall health and well-being.  We believe that good sleep, healthy eating habits and moving the body are so important to our overall quality of life!  Although there are multiple ways to improve sleep (less alcohol, less screen time, etc) we feel strongly that the foundations of your bed can vastly improve your sleep. Do you wake up feeling too hot? Are you uncomfortable? When was the last time you got new sheets, a mattress, or down comforter?

Better Sheets–>Better Sleep–>Better Life. So consider starting the New Year with Bedside Manor Ltd, and invest in a new set of sheets. We promise you won’t regret it! Below are a few of our customer favorites:

Classic Legna by SDH

The Legna sheets by SDH have somewhat of a cult following. Seriously, we have customers that can’t sleep on anything else and even bring the custom travel set with them to hotels when they are traveling. The Legna sheets are made from 100% wood fiber which creates a smooth, silky feel.

Private Label Percale

We may be a bit biased, but our private label bedding collection really is such a dream. Available in white and ivory, this collection is woven in Italy and finished with a simple hemstitch. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton percale, these sheets are simple,yet timeless and irresistible. The perfect combination of crisp and soft bedding.


Giza by Sferra

The Giza bedding by Sferra is grown in Egypt from some of the finest cotton in the world. The cotton is then sent to Sferra’s weavers in Italy to create this luxurious bedding collection. The Giza sateen is a luxury bed linen of the utmost distinction.  Not sure if you like sateen or percale? The Giza is available in both and you can read more about the difference here.




Lowell by Matouk

The Lowell bedding by Matouk is classic and luxurious. This collection comes in either white or ivory percale with a tape detail, available in multiple colors. There are over 20 tape colors to choose from, so you are bound to find the perfect match! Made on 100% luxurious cotton percale, it’s no wonder the Lowell is Matouk’s best-selling style.

BEDDING_Selah wiht Lowell

Hope to see you soon in the shop!

-Bedside Manor Ltd Team

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