Calling All Dogs! Pet Friendly Bedding

You know who can’t resist a cozy bed? Our pets. Unfortunately, our furry friends don’t always treat bedding with the same love and care as we do. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice linens! Many of our brands carry easy-care items so you don’t have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep.

See below for some products we recommend!

Tighter Weave Coverlets

We recommend a coverlet that has a tight weave and won’t snag easily. The Petra Coverlet by Matouk is made from 100% cotton and is detailed with a simple diamond pattern. Added bonus: this coverlet comes in a few neutral colors!

Petra Coverlet By Matouk

SDH is known for their exquisite and sophisticated linens. Our Chicago manager, Karen, always recommends their cotton coverlets to her pet-lover clients. A few options are the Gobi Mattelasse, Corfu Coverlet and the Eton Coverlet. 

The Eton Coverlet is made from a cotton/linen blend which gives a nice organic texture without being too delicate.

SDH_Eton Coverlet

Easy Care Blankets

The St. Moritz is a favorite for dog and cat lovers! This brushed cotton coverlet has a velvety feel and adds just the right amount of softness and warmth. The price is right as well!

Sferra St Moritz Stack

The Hoyt Blanket by Pine Cone Hill is another favorite. Lofty and light, the Hoyt Blanket is woven to feel like a soft and cozy sweater.

The Cetera Blanket by Sferra is another wonderful option that comes in a wide selection of colors. Perfect for hiding any pet hair!

Cetara Cetara Blanket stack of colors by Sferra by Sferra

Printed Duvets & Sheets

Adding some color to the bed with a printed duvet or set of sheets will help to hide pet hair. Try out the Emma sheeting by Peacock Alley! The simple diamond pattern is a fun way to add a pop of color to your bedroom.


Another fun patterned sheet? The Pomegranate Linen collection by Matouk:

Porcelain Blue Pomegranate Linen Bedding Collection by Matouk

The Ashi Duvet by John Robshaw or the Emilia Duvet by Sferra is a great pet-friendly option since the darker colorways will be forgiving.

Ashi Duvet by John Robshaw

Another customer favorite duvet that is also pet approved? The Biagio by Peacock Alley.

Linen Wash

Don’t forget to wash your linens with care. Our Private Label Linen Wash and SDH Linen Wash will help maintain the quality and help to have your linens last longer.

SDH Linen Wash


Come in-store or shop online today and we will help create a dream worthy bed that is both parent and pet approved!

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