Essentials For Quality Sleep

Did you know that the week of March 12th is National Sleep Awareness Week? At Bedside Manor we celebrate good sleep everyday.

Last week “Spring Ahead” took place which caused us to lose one hour of sleep. As a result, it impacted our body and rest we need! The National Sleep Foundation uses this week to educate and remind people of the connection between quality sleep and overall health.

We’ve put together a few “essentials” that we think help promote a better night’s sleep.

Quality Mattress

Let’s start with the base of the bed.  A good mattress is certainly an investment, but we firmly believe this is the foundation of a good night’s rest. There’s nothing like climbing into bed each night and immediately feeling a sense of comfort and release from the day. We have carried Royal Pedic Mattresses for many years and stand behind this company and their luxury products. Our most popular mattresses are the Royal Cotton Mattress and the Royal Latex Mattress, plus the added Pillowtop Pads depending on the customer’s preference.

Pro Tip: don’t forget to flip your mattress every 6 months or so. This will not only improve your sleep but help the longevity of the mattress as well.

Down Staples

Are you always hot at night? Do you wake up with neck pain? You might want to consider refreshing your down comforter and pillows. If you tend to run warm, there is a comforter for you. If you want a certain plushness in a pillow, we can help find the right firmness.

We carry four different quality of down comforters at our stores. The Essential Collection is our starting price point line which is carried in an all-season weight and is made from duck down. The next collection is our , Serenity Line. We carry a light weight comforter which works well for warmer climates and also a medium weight comforter, which is our most popular.  One step higher in price is our Luxury Down Collection which is made from Polish Goose Down. The combination of the fill power, quality of down and cotton baffle box, makes this a luxurious all season option.  Lastly is the Villa D’Este down collection by Nancy Koltes which is made from the highest quality fill and ticking.

Allergic to down? We suggest the Arcadia collection by Sferra. Made from pluma-fil, this feels very similar to down and is a great price!


Luxury Down Collection by Bedside Manor Ltd

Arcadia by Sferra 

We have a coordinating pillow for every comforter which are available in different fills: All Season, Soft, Medium or Firm.

Serenity Pillow

Serenity Pillow Collection by Bedside Manor Ltd 

Luxurious Sheets

Great Sheets=Great Sleep.  Don’t forget about your bed linens! Finding a sheet that works well for you will be a game-changer for your rest. Read a little more about the difference between the quality of sheets here. Our Private Label Percale Hemstitch is always in stock, has a great hand and gets better with each wash.

Want a silkier feel? Look no further than Legna Classic by SDH.  This sheet has a cult following and once you test it out, you may never go back!

BedsideManor-Hemstitch_opt (2)Private Label Hemstitch Collection by Bedside Manor Ltd

Legna Classic by SDH

Layering Pieces

Lastly, a great layering piece can add to a good night’s rest. Whether you need a little extra warmth during the cooler months or want to remove your comforter and have a lighter option for the warmer months, a great blanket or coverlet is nice to have on hand.

The Montauk Coverlet by Peacock Alley is a lovely layering piece. It has a simple design, is available in neutral colors and is machine washable. Another option is the Hand Stitched Coverlet by John Robshaw. This collection is soft, cozy and made from 100% cotton voile and feel like a warm embrace.

Montauk Coverlet by Peacock Alley

We hope these tips help you to find a great nights rest. Sleep tight!

-Bedside Manor Team

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